To buy the software you must be a registered user. Multi-FEAST© has been developed to be a valuable tool for professional engineers and our principal licence covers you for all commercial and professional use.

  • Multi-FEAST© licence

Are you a professional engineer designing machines and components against fatigue? You can buy a full Multi-FEAST© licence using a personal or company credit card via PayPal (or via a PayPal account). The cost to use Multi-FEAST© for one (1) year is £2100 (GBP) excluding VAT, total UK price £2520 (inc. VAT). To pay via a PO please contact us first at .

Special Introductory Offer £1700 excluding VAT

until 31 December 2016

  • Educational and academic research use

We also recognise that there are many educational institutions, not for profit research organisations and individual researchers who will wish to use Multi-FEAST©. We offer an educational licence, at a substantial discount, to University level academics, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students for teaching and research use, but not commercial work or consultancy. The educational licence for Multi-FEAST© for one (1) year costs £1500 (GBP) excluding VAT. You can purchase your educational licence using a credit card via Paypal, or via a Purchase Order. Please contact us first at so that we can set up the discounted price for you.

Educational Licence

Special Introductory Offer £1250 excluding VAT

until 31 December 2016

  • Special offer for undergraduate students

If you are an undergraduate student and want to use Multi-FEAST© for your project work, we are happy to give you, free of charge, a limited licence for five months. This individual educational licence allows you to use the following two tools: Unnotched Materials and Weldments: Nominal Stress based Analysis.

Please register and contact us at and we’ll be happy to help you to set up your free student licence! When you contact, please use your official university e-mail address and include a supporting letter from your supervisor or tutor, together with the link to their personal University webpage.

Please note that, due to the large number of undergraduate students using Multi-FEAST© worldwide, we unable to offer you any technical or scientific support.

Important notes

  • Before buying your full licence of Multi-FEAST© we recommend that you to use the Demo version. By so doing, you are sure that Multi-FEAST© runs on your computer correctly.
  • If you are upgrading your licence, for instance, from the Demo to the Full version, you will need to un-install your old copy of Multi-FEAST© by re-installing it using the installer from the Downloads section. This is because you need to create an up-dated version of the software.
  • If your company or institution is unable to purchase the software using a credit card or Paypal, please contact us at so that we can set up an appropriate payment method for you.