Very important preliminary remarks

We know that, for you and your organisation, safety and security are essential. Accordingly, we have deliberately kept the installation process simple and unobtrusive, so we do not need to access any of your operating system or registry files.

This unobtrusive approach has a few important implications which should be borne in mind when installing Multi-FEAST©. Please, read carefully the following remarks.

1) Depending on the privilege level you have as the user of your computer, as well as the way your operating system is set up, you may see the following warning pop up when running the Multi-FEAST© installation file:

“The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?”

Please, click “yes”: it is Multi-FEAST©! … it is just that your operating system does not know our digital signature yet…

If you have any concerns, we recommend that you run your virus and malware checkers to make sure that you have our official version of Multi-FEAST©.

2) We recommend that you download the Multi-Feast files to a dedicated folder on your hard disk. For instance, you could create a folder as follows: C:/Multi-FEAST-Prog – of course, you can choose the name you like for this dedicated folder! It is also important to point out that you can choose to put Multi-FEAST© in another drive, maybe D: if you have partitioned your hard drive.

The licence file will then go into the Multi-FEAST-Licence sub-folder under the main folder. The licence folder is created automatically during the installation process. For instance, it could be:


Please note that you should not download Multi-FEAST© into your Program Files folder as it will not work there (to make Multi-FEAST© work in this folder we would need to go for a more intrusive installation process!).

Users working in Asia, Japan, and Russia

According to the way your operating system is set, Multi-FEAST© may not work if your Regional Settings are different from “English”. In case, the only thing you have to do is temporarily changing your regional settings to English whilst you are running Multi-FEAST© (it is a simple change, which can easily be reversed!). Before buying your full licence of Multi-FEAST© we recommend you to try to use the Demo version. By so doing, you are sure that Multi-FEAST© runs properly on your computer.


Irrespective of the licence you have, the installation procedure for Multi-FEAST© is as follows:

1) Download to your computer the executable installation file from the link provided;

2) Double click the executable installation file to run the installation process – please, carefully read the initial remarks;

3) Please carefully read the terms and conditions of the Licence Agreement/Disclaimer. If you are happy with them, click “I accept the terms and conditions of the Licence Agreement/Disclaimer” to continue;

4) Click “next” on the Licence Agreement window;

5) Browse the dedicated folder where you want to install Multi-FEAST© – if necessary, the installation process allows you to directly create your dedicated folder – please, carefully read the initial remarks;

6) After selecting the installation folder, click “Install”;

7) As soon as Multi-FEAST© is installed click “Close” to close the installation window;

8) Click “OK” in the final window. Please, note that to make Multi-FEAST© work, you have to accept the request to restart your computer;

9) Double-click the Multi-FEAST© icon on your desktop (look for the cat!);

10) Multi-FEAST© is now installed but you need to create the System File that we use to generate your unique licence. Click “Yes” when prompted about the system file to continue;

11) When prompted, click “OK” to save the System File Multi-FEAST© has just created;

12) Save file “MFSystemFile” (why don’t you save it on your Desktop? … easy to find…);

13) E-mail file “MFSystemFile” to: . Please, in your e-mail mention also the type of licence you are interested in (i.e., Demo, Industrialists, Researchers, Students). If you have bought the full licence of Multi-FEAST©, please, also mention your Receipt Number. You’ll be receiving your Licence File via e-mail within 24/36 hours.

14) As soon as you receive our e-mail with your licence, download file “MFLicence” into folder:


where X: is your disk drive containing the licence folder (usually X:=C: or X:=D:);

15) Double click the Multi-FEAST© icon on your desktop to run Multi-FEAST©.

If you are experiencing any problems while installing Multi-FEAST©, please, contact us at: .